Linking Lexicographic and Language Learning Resources (4LR)

Workhsop at LDK 2023


The workshop ‘Linking Lexicographic and Language Learning Resources’ (4LR) will be held in conjunction with LDK 2023 – 4th conference on Language, Data and Knowledge – at the University of Vienna, Austria, on September 13, in hybrid mode.
The aim of this workshop is to explore linguistic linked (open) data and knowledge management methods and technologies for linking lexicographic and language learning resources, tools and applications in general and dictionaries and CEFR lists in particular.
Our starting point is, on the one hand, enhancing CEFR-graded language proficiency lists with lexicographic content and, on the other hand, incorporating CEFR labels in learner’s dictionaries. CEFR – the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – is a generally established international standard for describing language proficiency, and CEFR-graded resources have been developed for many languages in Europe. However, incorporating their information is still not a common practice in modern lexicography for most languages, except for notably two English dictionaries for advanced learners (Cambridge and Oxford). There are substantial unsolved issues, such as inconsistencies in vocabulary size per level between languages; no, or limited, sense disambiguation in CEFR resources; words from a higher CEFR level in definitions and example sentences. Moreover, there has been limited collaboration and interoperability so far among the related fields of lexicography, language acquisition, and linguistic linked data, whether regarding research, development, or practical application.

This workshop is supported by the NexusLinguarum COST Action CA18209 – European network for Web-centred linguistic data science.​


4LR will feature an overview by the organizers as well as an invited talk by Jorge Gracia from University of Zaragoza and chair of NexusLinguarum CA on Linked Data for Lexicographic Resources.
In addition, we invite submissions for papers (20 minutes, plus discussion) on the following topics:

• Linking lexicographic content to CEFR-graded vocabularies
• Pedagogical lexicography and knowledge graphs
• Attributing CEFR labels in learner’s dictionaries
• Incorporating vocabulary and grammar profiles in lexicographic resources
• Creating and linking crosslingual concept-based CEFR resources
• Multilingual knowledge management and language learning applications and tools

Submission and Dates

Please submit your abstract including 300-500 words via EasyChair.

19 May 2023 Deadline for abstract submission
29 May 2023 Deadline for notification for abstract submission
30 June 2023 Deadline for camera-ready paper submission
13 Sep 2023 4LR workshop
14–15 Sep LDK 2023 conference

Organizers and Contact

Kris Heylen. Dutch Language Institute (

Jelena Kallas. Institute of the Estonian Language
Ilan Kernerman. Lexicala by K Dictionaries
Carole Tiberius. Dutch Language Institute

4LR workshop at LDK 2023 will follow a related workshop Lexicography and CEFR: Linking Lexicographic Resources and Language Proficiency Levels’ that will be held in conjunction with eLex 2023 on June 29 in Brno, Czech Republic.