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SEMANTiCS Amsterdam 2021

Tassilo Pellegrini

SEMANTiCS has now a history dating back to 2005. Over the years we have facilitated, promoted, observed, and commented on numerous trends of Semantic Technologies. In recent years the hype around AI was already building steam, and its popularity and societal impact have been even more visible. There is a growing recognition that AI systems need to be more transparent and explainable if they are to be useful and trusted additions to society. Knowledge graphs, in combination with Machine Learning are recognized as a possible solution towards such explainable, transparent and trustworthy AI. This is also what the SEMANTiCS conference is known for.

It is exciting to see how the convergence between formerly separated technology strands, communities, and disciplines is gaining pace with semantic systems at their core. The rapid uptake of semantic technologies is breathtaking, and even for experts it is difficult to keep pace. SEMANTiCS offers the opportunity to witness these developments from the front row – for industry and academia alike – especially when it comes to knowledge graph technologies. The conference provides a good overview while diving deeper into these intersections with hot topics such as artificial intelligence, data science, and enterprise data management. This is the perfect place to catch up with the latest trends, leverage expertise, or simply get started.

The 16th iteration of SEMANTiCS will be hosted in Amsterdam on 6-9 September 2021. SEMANTiCS 2021 is a hybrid conference – both onsite and online – including more than 50 talks, 20 posters and 4 workshops.

Tassilo Pellegrini is professor of economics at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten, Austria. His research areas are data economics, policy-aware web and artificial intelligence. He is a member of the International Network for Information Ethics (INIE), the African Network of Information Ethics (ANIE) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Publizistik und Kommunikation-swissenschaft (DGPUK)as well as co-founder of Semantic Web Company and Conference Chair of the annual I-SEMANTICS conference series.

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