Multilingual Data & Knowledge

In the Era of Knowledge Graphs

Martin Kaltenböck

The SEMANTiCS conference series brings together the semantic and language technology communities in Europe and beyond! The 18th edition takes place this year from 13 to 15 September in Vienna, Austria.

The annual conference – which started in Vienna with 80 participants in 2005 – has turned into the biggest European industry event for semantic technologies and is returning to Vienna in 2022 as a hybrid event including 250 participants on-site and another 150 participants online.

The SEMANTiCS series stands for:

  • Transfer – exchange ideas between academia and industry
  •  Engineering – dive deep into semantic web and linked data technologies
  • Community – discuss trends and initiate projects

This year the event is organized together with the annual LT- Innovate Industry Summit 2022: Language Intelligence @ Work: Putting the Customer in the Centre, taking place on September 14-15 as an integrated track in SEMANTiCS2022.

This co-organization brings together two vibrant communities that have been working together for many years, but still operate separately most of the time: the Language Technology community and the Semantic Web / Technology community.

Although, on the one hand, Language Technology (LT) is making use of Semantic Web, Linked Data and Knowledge Graph principles and software tools in several areas, as for instance in data modeling or storing data as RDF triples, on the other hand, the Semantic Web crowd has been making use of computational linguistics, language resources, and other related data for some time, these two groups share only little collaboration today. While both disciplines deal with natural language, meaning, and context, the overlaps in using each other’s methodologies and technologies are relatively small. 

SEMANTiCS2022 is bridging this gap and bringing together researchers, practitioners, software developers, and service vendors, as well as end users and customers of both worlds, to discuss best-in-breed approaches, practices, solutions, and technologies.

The conference starts on September 13 with a workshop and tutorial day, including 4 workshops, 7 tutorials, and a full  DBpedia Day, hosted by the DBpedia Association.

That evening the Semantic AI MeetUp takes place, bringing together the conference participants with the local AI and semantic web professionals in the form of a free networking event. 

On September 14 and 15, the main conference features 6 keynote talks and dozens of scientific and industry presentations spread over the two days, also including a conference dinner in the evening of September 14 for all on-site participants. 

SEMANTiCS2022 features the following keynote talks

SEMANTiCS2023 is already in the planning phase and the date and location will be announced at the closing of SEMANTiCS2022 by the next conference chair, followed by an announcement. Join in for 2022 and stay tuned for 2023!

Martin Kaltenböck is co-founder and managing partner of Semantic Web Company, and as CFO responsible for financial, legal and organizational issues. He studied communication science, psychology and marketing at the University of Vienna, is tutor and publishes on semantic data, information and knowledge management, Linked (Open) Data as well as Open (Government) Data and Knowledge Graphs, leads and works in national and international research, industry and government projects, and is on the permanent advisory board of the SEMANTiCS conference series.

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