Multilingual Data Solutions

Lexicala offers quality cross-lingual resources for the language technology industry and academic research, featuring expert parallel corpora, domain classification, name entity recognition, morphology, pronunciation,
and other fine lexical data resources for natural language processing applications



We provide lexical data for over 50 languages



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Our resources rely on deep lexical analyses of human languages, meticulously deciphering and mapping their linguistic DNA, identifying and categorizing the different elements, and linking them to each other and across multiple languages.


These datasets have been developed over the years by K Dictionaries and published by its partners in various media, serving millions of users around the world.


The content is human-curated, enriched by automated processes and supplemented by morphological word form lists, language and grammar guides, biographical and geographical tables, phonetic transcription, alternative scripts, and vocal pronunciation.


The Lexicala data stem from numerous lexicographic resources compiled by K Dictionaries’  lexicographers for the creation of monolingual, bilingual, multilingual and learner’s dictionaries.

Each dictionary prototype was conceived with its own macrostructure and entry microstructure to serve a unique purpose and satisfy a specific target user group.

The dictionaries are available online, in mobile apps, and in print.



Our REST API enables flexible search options and returns JSON responses, whether complete dictionary entries or specific components – featuring rich syntactic and semantic information, sense definitions and various means of disambiguation, examples of usage and multiword expressions, translations and more – allowing easy processing and seamless integration with other applications. 

Visit our API website to read relevant documentation, register and gain access to the API.


Contact us to access the API, subscribe to Lexicala Review, or ask about our data and services.