Lexicala by K Dictionaries

Lexicala, by K DICTIONARIES, creates multilingual lexical data solutions for the Language Technology industry and the academia, featuring expert parallel corpora, domain classification, morphology, and other premium cross-lingual resources for Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications.


Our datasets enable infinite ways of extracting components and implementing them for machine translation, spellchecking, text annotation, speech recognition, semantic technologies, knowledge management, language learning, online dictionaries, and more.


We rely on the quality content developed for 30 years by K Dictionaries and expanded and customized by Lexicala, offering linguistic services for any language, including translation, classification, annotation, alignment, and other NLP tasks.


Our background in legacy lexicography has evolved into linked data and language data science, semantic web technologies and knowledge graphs.


We cooperate worldwide with SMEs and large corporations as well as with universities, language institutes and professional associations, and we are active in EU programs for research, innovation, science and technology.


The roots of K Dictionaries are in innovative pedagogical and multilingual lexicography.


In the 1990s, we pioneered the breakthrough of bilingual dictionaries for learners of English, initiating dozens of language versions published by leading local publishers and serving millions of students around the world.


Today, our prime publishing partner in this field is Cambridge University Press & Assessment, the global leader in English language learning, which offers a range of our titles on the world’s most popular website for English learner’s dictionaries, Cambridge Dictionary.


K Dictionaries was early in going digital, first with CD-ROM and hand-held devices, then online and in mobile apps. In 2001, our multilingual Globaldix was published by Finland’s prime digital dictionary publisher, Kielikone Oy, including English with 20 languages. Since then, we have developed numerous new combinations, assembling as many as 50 languages, making us the international leader in multilingual dictionaries.


In 2005, K Dictionaries teamed with Assimil, the premier publisher for foreign language learning in France, to offer bilingual dictionaries for speakers of French.


This has set the foundation for our massive enterprise of multi-layer lexicographic resources, for and across different languages: the Global series. Its novelty and uniqueness are in compiling a detailed, structured monolingual set for each language, mapping its major semantic, syntactic and grammar aspects, while sharing a single technical infrastructure and a common overall framework for all the languages.


Once any Global monolingual layer is ready, it can serve as a base for adding translation equivalents in another language, producing a bilingual pair.


When several bilingual versions are available, the different language translations are juxtaposed beside each, generating a multilingual lexical network. These multilingual, multi-layered networks can be linked to each other in various forms and evolve into an immense cross-lingual universe. In this way, the empowered autonomy of each language enhances its equality and interoperability with other languages.


Lexicala is the trade name of K Dictionaries, aimed to emphasize the transition of our solutions lexical data orientation for Language Technology and AI, and to distinguish them from our dictionary products and services for language learners and general users.


The leading team of K DICTIONARIES coordinates the company’s operations including research, development, marketing and collaboration with business, academic and other professional associates, as well as with numerous editors all over the world.


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Editors & Translators

Over the years, we have engaged many hundreds of lexicographers, translators, editors and other linguistic experts in numerous editorial tasks.


These professionals may work on their own or as part of a larger group on projects that last anywhere from a few weeks to several years.


The work is done from anywhere in the world, while maintaining close contact with the K DICTIONARIES team.



K DICTIONARIES operates in conjunction with a wide range of business partners as well as with universities, research institutes and prefessional associations.


Combining the expertise of each partner with ours helps to enrich our know-how and to create better products, services and solutions for the end users.


We first worked with local publishers worldwide on semi-bilingual English learner’s dictionaries in print, evolving to technology partners for electronic, multilingual and learner’s dictionaries for many more languages, then to cross-lingual lexical resources for natural language processing.


We also cooperate on academic internship programs, sponsor organizations and events, give talks and workshops, and take part in bilateral, European and global frameworks for various research, development and innovation projects.



  • language service providers
  • language learning solution providers
  • translation companies
  • natural language processing integrators
  • online dictionary websites
  • mobile application developers
  • publishers



  • research and innovation projects
  • science and technology actions
  • university lectures
  • exchange with language institutes
  • workshop organization
  • publication of scholarly papers
  • conference sponsorship
  • internship programs

Shared Initiatives 

H2020 Research & Innovation Action 731015

ELEXIS – European Lexicographic Infrastructure
17-partner consortium led by Institut “Jožef Stefan”, Ljubljana



H2020 Innovation Action 780602

LYNX – Building the Legal Knowledge Graph for Smart Compliance Services in Multilingual Europe
10-partner consortium led by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid



Austria-Israel bilateral EUREKA research & development

LDL4HELTA – Linked Data Lexicography for High-End Language Technology Applications with Semantic Web Company, Vienna