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Number 27 · July 2019 Download

Lexicala API: A new era in dictionary data | Ilan Kernerman and Dorielle Lonke‍
‍K Dictionaries & Lexicala Workshops
Abstracts from the Globalex Workshop on Lexicography and Neologism‍‍
· Linguistics terminology and neologisms in Swahili: Rules vs. practice | Gilles-Maurice de Schryver and Jutta De Nul‍‍
· Beyond frequency: On the dictionarisation of new words in Spanish | Judit Freixa and Sergi Torner
· New words for the Duden | Kathrin Kunkel-Razum‍
· New Estonian words and senses: Detection and description | Margit Langemets, Jelena Kallas, Kaisa Norak and Indrek Hein
· A system for evaluating multiple data inputs to prioritize neologisms for inclusion in dictionaries | Katherine Connor Martin
· Using the web annotation tool for neologism collection | Erin McKean
· The Korean Neologism Investigation Project: Current status and key issues | Kilim Nam, Sujin Lee and Hae-Yun Jung
· New words in Japanese and the design of UniDic electronic dictionary | Teruaki Oka
· Adding neologisms to the Hebrew online dictionary Rav-Milim | Noga Porath
· The formation of neologisms in a lesser used language: The case of Frisian | Hindrik Sijens and Hans Van de Velde
· Anglicisms and language-internal neologisms: Dealing with new words and expressions in The Danish Dictionary | Lars Trap-Jensen
· Exploring criteria for the inclusion of trademarks in general language dictionaries of modern Greek | Anna Vacalopoulou
· Neologisms in a Dutch online portal | Vivien Waszink

Lexicography in higher education institutions: European Master in Lexicography with an Erasmus Mundi joint degree | Stefan J. Schierholz‍
Dictionaries for the future – the future of dictionaries: Challenges for lexicography in a digital society | Stefan J. Schierholz‍
Jacek Fisiak (1936-2019) | Arleta Adamska-Salaciak
‍Deny Arnos Kwary. In Memoriam | Dora Amalia. Sandro Nielsen
‍‍AsiaLex 2020: Lexicography and Language Documentation | Dora Amalia and Luh Anik Mayani
‍‍META-Forum 2019
‍‍Adam Kilgarriff Prize 2019 | Michael Rundell
‍‍K Dictionaries & Lexicala News

Number 26 · July 2018 Download

Introducing LEXICALA: crosslingual multilayer lexical data | Ilan Kernerman

Lynx and the Legal Knowledge Graph: Integrating lexical and terminological resources with legal data | Elena Montiel-Ponsoda, Victor Rodríguez-Doncel, Patricia Martín-Chozas and Ilan Kernerman

ELEXIS – European Lexicographic Infrastructure | Iztok Kosem


Number 25 · July 2017 Download


Adam Kilgarriff Prize, 2017 | Michael Rundell
Introducing LDL4HELTA: Linked data lexicography for high-end language technology application | Martin Kaltenböck and Ilan Kernerman
Triplifying a dictionary: Some learnings | Timea Turdean and Shrikant Joshi
TIAD shared task 2017 – Translation Inference Across Dictionaries | Noam Ordan
Towards a module for lexicography in OntoLex | Julia Bosque-Gil, Jorge Gracia and Elena Montiel-Ponsoda
OntoLex 2017 – 1st workshop on the OntoLex model | Philipp Cimiano
KD API | Morris Alper
1st Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge – Galway 2017 | John P. McCrae, Paul Buitelaar, Christian Chiarcos and Sebastian Hellmann
Global WordNet Conference – Singapore 2018 | Francis Bond
The advent of post-editing lexicography | Miloš Jakubíček
Sketch Engine and Lexonomy | Ondřej Matuška
Phonetic transcription of dotted Hebrew | Alon Itai
LOTKS 2017 – Workshop on Language, Ontology, Terminology and Knowledge Structures | Fahad Khan
The saga of Norsk Ordbok: A scholarly dictionary for the Norwegian vernacular and the Nynorsk language | Oddrun Grønvik
NORDIX bilingual dictionaries for Nordic and major European languages
The First Century of English Monolingual Lexicography. Kusujiro Miyoshi | Michael Adams
eLex 2017 – Lexicography from Scratch | Carole Tiberius
Met zoveel woorden. Gids voor trefzeker taal gebruik. Rik Schutz en Ludo Permentier | Anne Dykstra
GLOBALEX mid-2017 | Ilan Kernerman
A brief account of ASIALEX 2017 | Hai Xu
Diccionarios electrónicos: perspectivas para el siglo XXI | Beatriz Sánches Cárdenas and Amelia Sanz
The Corpus of Polish Sign Language and the Corpus-based Dictionary of Polish Sign Language | Paweł utkowski

Number 24 · July 2016 Download

Towards Globalex | Ilan Kernerman
Lexicography associations: Afrilex, Asialex, Australex, DSNA, eLex, Euralex
GLOBALEX 2016 workshop summary and next steps
XVII EURALEX International Congress & the Lexicographic Centre at Tbilisi State University | Tinatin Margalitadze
ASIALEX 2017 in Guangzhou | Hai Xu
Nineteenth-Century Lexicography Conference, 2018
Chinalex and lexicographic activity in China | Yihua Zhang
Treatment of entries with Chinese characteristics in English learner’s dictionaries: A case study of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 8e | Lixin Xia and Langwei Zhai
Lexicography at the Society for Danish Language and Literature | Lars Trap-Jensen
Towards Peoplex (reprint) | Ilan Kernerman
Linked data in lexicography | Julia Bosque-Gil, Jorge Gracia and Asunción Gómez-Pérez
From dictionaries to cross-lingual lexical resources | Guadalupe Aguado-de-Cea, Elena Montiel-Ponsoda, Ilan Kernerman and Noam Ordan
Adam Kilgarriff Prize | Michael Rundell

Number 23 · July 2015 Download

Multilingual dictionaries and the Web of Data | Jorge Gracia
Enhancing lexicography with semantic language databases | Bettina Klimek and Martin Brümmer
Reflections on the concept of a scholarly dictionary | Dirk Kinable
The historical dictionary and the digital age: Steps of a transformation process | Nathalie Mederake
Recent developments in German lexicography | Alexander Geyken
A standardized wordlist and new spellchecker of Frisian | Anne Dykstra, Pieter Duijff, Frits van der Kuip and Hindrik Sijens
The Bloomsbury Guide to Lexicography. Howard Jackson (ed.) | Orion Montoya
Oxford Guide to the practical usage of English monolingual learners’ dictionaries: Effective ways of teaching dictionary use in the English class. Shigeru Yamada | Michael Rundell
The Linguistic Linked Open Data Cloud

Number 22 · July 2014 Download

The European Network of e-Lexicography (ENeL) | Tanneke Schoonheim
Joint Symposia of JACET Society of English Lexicography and Kansai English Lexicography Circle | Shigeru Yamada
Multilingual Linked Open Data for Enterprises (MLODE 2014) | Sebastian Hellmann, Bettina Klimek
Claudia Xatara, Claudia Zavaglia, Rosa Maria da Silva (dirs.). Dicionário Multilíngue de Regência Verbal – Verbos preposicionados | Antonio Pamies Bertrán
KD News 2014
Reverso Context: Redefining categories for dictionaries and language tools | Théo Hoffenberg
An introduction to iFinger and Clarify Language Service | Knut Haga
ASIALEX 2015, Hong Kong | Li Lan
KD website

Number 21 · July 2013 Download

Dictionary n. Obsolete? | Ilan Kernerman
The future of dictionaries | Judy Pearsall
Redefining the dictionary: From print to digital | Michael Rundell
Make me a match: Putting learners in touch with dictionaries | Colin McIntosh
Free dictionary & Free lunch
Trade reference | Sander Bekkers
A sweetshop for lexicographers | Jaap Parqui
Paragon Software: Turning gigantic print reference content into light-weight apps with cutting-edge features | Alexander Zudin
A brief account of Dutch lexicography | Tanneke Schoonheim
Matthias de Vries Genootschap | Anne Dykstra
The new Lighthouse dictionary | Kaoru Akasu
Why do we need pattern dictionaries (and what is a pattern dictionary, anyway)? | Patrick Hanks and Jane Bradbury
Patrick Hanks. Lexical Analysis: Norms and Exploitations | Orion Montoya
ASIALEX 2013 in Bali | Deny A. Kwary
X International School on Lexicography – Life Beyond Dictionaries | Olga Karpova
Fortunes of National Cultures in Globalisation Context | Vera Budykina
KERNERMAN Japanese dictionaries by Seiko
Launching of LEXOCOGRAPHY. Journal of ASIALEX | Ilan Kernerman
Paul Bogaards 1940-2012 | Wolfgang Worsch 1953-2013

Number 20 · July 2012 Download

What’s in a name? | Ilan Kernerman
Compiling specialized dictionaries differently: A brief overview of terminological projects at the Observatoire de linguistique Sens-Texte (OLST) | Marie-Claude L’Homme
Using a specialized resource to enrich a general language dictionary | Marie-Claude Demers
Practical aspects of the description of terms: Contexts, actantial structure and lexical relationships | Geneviève Camirand
Kernerman English French Learner’s Dictionary: Adapting the translation from European French to Canadian/Québec French | Suzanne Desgroseilliers
A study of the third-generation Chinese-English dictionaries | Xia Lixin
Pedro A. Fuertes-Olivera and Henning Bergenholtz (eds.). e-Lexicography. The Internet, Digital Initiatives and Lexicography | Adam Kilgarriff
Olga Karpova. English Author Dictionaries (the XVIth – the XXIst cc.) | Kusujiro Miyoshi Olga Timofeeva and Tanja Säily (eds.)
Words in Dictionaries and History. Essays in honour of R.W. McConchie | Michael Adams
Grande Dicionário Houaiss da Língua Portuguesa | Mauro de Salles Villar
Kernerman Norske Ordbøger

Number 19 · July 2011 Download

Integrating phonetic transcription in a Brazilian Portuguese dictionary | Luiz Carlos Cagliari
Kernerman French-Portuguese Dictionary: Adapting the translation from European Portuguese to Brazilian Portuguese | Helena Sakano Fernandes and Claudia Xatara
Kernerman Dutch Dictionary | Truus Kruyt
Anthropological and linguistic fundamentals of lexicographic work | Miguel Eduardo Montoro
Pedro A. Fuertes-Olivera (ed.). Specialised Dictionaries for Learners | Amélie Josselin-Leray
Gilles-Maurice de Schryver (ed.). A Way with Words: Recent Advances in Lexical Theory and Analysis. A Festschrift for Patrick Hanks | Elizabeth Knowles
Henri Béjoint. The Lexicography of English. From Origins to Present | Anatoly Liberman
Invitation to ASIALEX 2011 in Kyoto | Ai Inoue
In Memorium: Shigeru Takebayashi, 1926-2011 | Hiroko Saito

Number 18 · July 2010 Download

Random House Webster’s College Dictionary: A new start

The Random House dictionary tradition | Charles M. Levine and Enid Pearsons

The evolution of learners’ dictionaries and Merriam-Webster’s Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary | Paul Bogaards

Anatoly Liberman. An Analytic Dictionary of English Etymology: An Introduction | Mateusz Urban

English Learners’ Dictionaries at the DSNA 2009

Number 17 · July 2009 Download

KD’s BLDS: A brief introduction
BLDS | sample page
Papers on Lexicography and Dictionaries
Perspectives in Lexicography: Asia and beyond. Vincent B.Y. Ooi, Anne Pakir, Ismail S. Talib and Peter K.W. Tan (eds.)
DSNA Seminar on Learner’s Dictionaries. Ilan J. Kernerman and Paul Bogaards (eds.)
Lexicographical poems: An introduction | Michael Adams
The lexicographers | Michael Manis
B.T. Sue Atkins and Michael Rundell. The Oxford Guide to Practical Lexicography | Rick Schutz
Seminar on Learner’s Dictionaries at the DSNA XVII Meeting, Indiana University, 2009
A review of the First International Symposium on Lexicography and L2 Teaching and Learning | Zhang Yihua and Xia Lixin
Asialex 2009 | Jirapa Vitayapirak
The Center for Lexicographical Studies, GDUFS
English Dictionaries in Global and Historical Context | Janice McAlpine
Internet lexicography as a challenge: The Internet dictionary portal at the Institute for German Language | Stefan Engelberg, Annette Klosa and Caroline Müller-Spitzer
KirzeN, the international dictionary | Balázs Sipócz story | Michal Goldman
The BLDS Italian dictionary core | Palma Gallana
BLDS | sample pages
Dictionnaires Assimil Kernerman, 2009 | Arabe, Chinois, Grec, Japonais, Polonais, Portugais, Russe, Turc

Number 16 · July 2008 Download

Merriam Webster and the future of dictionaries | John M. Morse
The future of dictionaries | Charles M. Levine
Gazophylacium Anglicanum (1689), a turning point in the history of the general English dictionary | Miyoshi Kusujiro
The feeling of sakura: Are you interested in such a Japan? | Hisamatsu Ken’ichi and Hayakawa Fumitoshi
Password: a productive dictionary family | Ruth Mägi
Thierry Fontenelle (ed.). Practical Lexicography | Rik Schutz
A first look at Merriam-Webster’s Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary | John M. Morse
A new dictionary with another viewpoint | Ari Kernerman
Lexicography in Asia vol. II · Perspectives in Lexicography: Asia and Beyond | Forthcoming publication

Number 15 · July 2007 Download

Research and publications on dictionaries and lexicography | Ilan Kernerman
A new trend in lexicography from Japan | Shin’ichiro Ishikawa
Shin’ichiro Ishikawa, Kosei Minamide, Minoru Murata, Yukio Tono (eds.). English Lexicography in Japan | Don McCreary
The Iwasaki Linguistic Circle and dictionary analysis | Kaoru Akasu
Lexicography at the Poznań School of English | Robert Lew
Arleta Adamska Sałaciak. Meaning and the Bilingual Dictionary. The Case of English and Polish | Thierry Fontenelle
Anna Dziemianko. User-friendliness of verb syntax in pedagogical dictionaries of English | Michael Rundell
Włodzimierz Sobkowiak. Phonetics of EFL Dictionaries Definitions | Shaunie Shammass
Eight suggestions for improving learners’ dictionaries | Ari Kernerman
Future of lexicography | Barbara Kipfer
Perspectives in Lexicography: Asia and Beyond | Forthcoming publication
Lexicography in Asia II | Call for Papers

Number 14 · July 2006 Download

ISO 1951: A revised standard for lexicography | André Le Meur and Marie-Jeanne Derouin

What does it take to write a new English etymological dictionary today? | Anatoly Liberman

2es Journées allemandes des dictionnaires | In memory of Josette Rey-Debove

The foundation of AFRILEX | Mariëtta Alberts

Sixth International School in Lexicography, Ivanovo State University, 2005 | Olga Karpova

PASSWORD Semi-Bilingual English-Chinese Dictionary | Liu Jin

Number 13 · July 2005 Download

Ya’acov Levy 1952-2004 | Dictionary pages
Menahem ben Saruq’s Mahberet: The first Hebrew-Hebrew dictionary | Aharon Maman
Review of Wörterbuch Deutsch-Hebräisch Phlilosophische, wissenschaftliche und technische Termini | Ora R. Schwarzwald
Towards Hebrew FrameNet | Miriam R.L. Petruck
Contemporary English-Russian Dictionary: A new type of dictionary in Russia | Galina Zakharova
A large-scale lexical database of Danish for language technology applications and other purposes | Anna Braasch
If dictionaries are free, who will buy them? | Adam Kilgarriff
Dictionaries and productive tasks in a foreign language | Paul Bogaards
Longman Słownik współczesny angielsko-polski polsko-angielski: The first active bilingual dictionary for Polish learners of English | Arleta Adamska-Sałaciak
Bilingual dictionaries for learners | Martyn Back
Power to the learner: An approach towards pedagogically-oriented bilingual dictionaries | Wolfgang Worsch
Congress organisation: The academic’s burden | Geoffrey Williams
The Fifteenth DSNA Biennial Meeting, Boston 2005 | David Jost
The Fourth ASIALEX International Congress, Singapore 2005 | Anne Pakir
Les Journées Allemandes des Dictionnaires, Klingenberg 2004, 2006 | Michaela Heinz
The Twelfth EURALEX International Congress, Turin 2006 | Carla Marello
K DICTIONARIES | Recent titles

Number 12 · July 2004 Download

Microsoft and dictionary makers: Defining partnerships | Julian Parish
Some lexicographic concepts stemming from a French training in lexicology (2-3) | Jean Pruvost
Lexiculture and the EFL dictionary | Anthony P. Cowie
Dictionnaire du français usuel : An innovative French learner’s dictionary
Some Highlights of Contemporary Hebrew Dictionaries and Lexicography
– Modern Hebrew dictionaries | Ora (Rodrigue) Schwarzwald
Milon ha-Hoveh and Milon Sapir | Mordechay Mishor
– From Milon ha-Hoveh to Milon Sapir | Yitzhak Shlesinger
Rav-Milim : A modern dictionary for an ancient but thriving language | Yaacov Choueka
Milon-Kis Ariel | Maya Fruchtman
Milon Even-Shoshan, revisited | Moshe Azar
– The Historical Dictionary of the Hebrew Language | Doron Rubinstein
– Glossary
A Glance at Porto Editora | Graciete Teixeira
Lexicography organization founded in Taiwan
Kernerman Dictionary Research Grants
K DICTIONARIES | Recent titles

Number 11 · July 2003 Download

The coming boom in English lexicography. Reconsidered (Part Two) | Charles M. Levine
English dictionary making in America today | Wendalyn Nichols
Some lexicographic concepts stemming from a French training in lexicology (1) | Jean Pruvost
The Conference on Bilingual Lexicography, Paris | Thierry Fontenelle
The Seminar on Computer-Mediated Lexicography, Castelló | Maria Carmen Campoy Cubillo
The International Schools on Lexicography, Ivanovo | Olga Karpova
The Third ASIALEX International Congress, Tokyo | Shigeru Yamada
A lifestory in dictionaries | Peter H. Collin
The Kernerman Dictionary Research Grants | Accepted Applications for 2002
Oxford Student’s Dictionary for Hebrew Speakers 3e | Raphael Gefen, Lionel Kernerman
K DICTIONARIES | Recent titles

Number 10 · July 2002 Download

Dictionaries, another Netscape? | Joseph J. Esposito
Release of the GlobalDix multilingual dictionary
The benefits of a product-independent lexical database with formal word features | Janekke Froon and Franciska de Jong
Benedict: an EU project for an intelligent dictionary | Mika Herpiö
English-Japanese lexicography and the Unabridged Genius | Kosei Minamide
Sexy dictionary | Ilan Kernerman
A tale of two tongues: Language and lexicography in Norway | Olaf Almenningen and Ruth Fjeld
Developing the personal dictionary | Ian Kemble
The corpus revolution in EFL dictionaries | Ramesh Krishnamurthy
Translation, the key or the equivalent? | Seppo Raudaskoski
Kernerman Dictionary Research Grants
K DICTIONARIES | Recent titles and news

Number 9 · July 2001 Download


The coming boom in English lexicography: Some thoughts about the World Wide Web (Part One) | Charles M. Levine
Password for Hungarians | Tamás Magay
Teaching lexicography or training lexicographers? | Michael Rundell
GlobalDix: a unique multilingual dictionary for the worldwide market | Mika Herpiö

Number 8 · July 2000 Download

The EFL dictionary pioneers and their legacies | A. P. Cowie

The 2001 ASIALEX Biennial Conference in Seoul

Dictionary use for production among Japanese college students of English | Yuri Komuro and Shigeru Yamada

The formation of ISRALEX K DICTIONARIES | Recent titles

Number 7 · July 1999 Download


Back to the future | Ilan Kernerman

Computerizing PASSPORT | Assaf Siani

Designing PASSPORT for the computer | Hanna Cohen

PASSPORT Electronic Dictionary – Dizionario Multimediale Inglese-Italiano | Marina Gambacciani

Number 6 · July 1998 Download

A PASSWORD for Norway | Nancy L. Coleman

An overview of YBM and Si-Sa ELITE English-English-Korean Dictionary | Chung-ui Park

English lexicography in Japan: Its History, innovations and impact | Shigeru Yamada and Yuri Komuro

The First ASIALEX Regional Symposium

Lexicography in Asia

Kernerman Semi-Bilingual Dictionaries | Recent titles

Number 5 · July 1997 Download

The innovative PASS-Q-WORD | Roberta Stock

GLOSSER as a practical application of the semi-bilingual dictionary concept | Margit Langemets

Dictionaries in Asia and ASIALEX | Amy Chi

Towards PEOPLEX | Ilan Kernerman

Kernerman Semi-Bilingual Dictionaries | Recent titles

Number 4 · July 1996 Download


A dictionary for a new age | Lionel Kernerman

The editorial principles underlying the PASSPORT dictionary | Raphael Gefen

Number 3 · July 1995 Download

Allowing a dictionary in the examination room | Raphael Gefen

A case for a semi-bilingual dictionary for production purposes | Batia Laufer

Number 2 · January 1995 Download

Forward | Ilan Kernerman

Monolingual or bilingual, that is not the question: The ‘bilingualised’ dictionary | Kyohei Nakamoto

Answers to open questions | Joseph A. Reif

Number 1 · July 1994 Download

The advent of the semi-bilingual dictionary | Lionel Kernerman
– Bi-directional adaptations
– British vs. local settings
– Workbooks
– Semi-trilingualism
English learner’s dictionaries in the Israel school market | Raphael Gefen
Marketing PASSWORD in Brazil | Waldir Martins Fontes
News briefs
From Kernerman to Password | Ilan Kernerman